Online • April 8th 2020 • 07:00 PM

Menstrual Cycles and hormones: let’s get a closer look

Over the  past few years the conversation around menstrual health has gained exposure; A great advancement because it means we’re on our way to breaking down taboos around menstruating experiences. 

We usually break down the menstrual cycle into major events: ovulation, shedding of uterine lining, surge of premenstrual syndromes… 

When having a closer look,  what is occurring between those events on a hormonal level? How can we possibly check on our hormonal health? What does it say about our overall health? 

There are so many truths to be unraveled about hormones during the menstrual cycle. Among these, how they affect various areas of our lives: confidence, energy levels, sociability, relationships, just to name a few. 

For this session, we’re excited to be joined by Dana Alloy, researcher on women’s health and hormones at the University College of London’s Institute for Women’s Health.

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