Online on Instagram • September 29th 2020 • 07:00 PM

Exercise and menstrual cycles

Together with Fiona O’Donnell (, we will explore what it means to take the menstrual cycle into account for physical training.

In one of our blog posts, we talked about amenorrhea as one of the potential results of excessive training. But how much exercise is “too much” exercise? Are there any other clues to look for? How can we deal with hypothalamic amenorrhea associated with excessive training? Overall, what does it look like to take the menstrual cycle into account when training?

Fiona is a performance nutritionist and educator living in West Cork, South of Ireland. She is a triathlete and a transplant recipient. She is also a mum of 3 and spends her time swimming in the open water in West Cork and riding her horses. She works with clients online based on a holistic approach to nutrition and performance.

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